Space is Filling Fast for 2013!

Spring had definitely sprung around here.  Snow in the mountains, the valleys are all green, and the wildflowers are brilliant!  The pond is still a bit cold for a swim, but a week of nice weather will change that rapidly.  Some hearty, wetsuit-clad individuals have already made the plunge.

One week since my last post and we are getting a couple of entries a day.  At this rate we will reach our cap of 250 racers in another week and a half!  Yahoo!  It’s going to be another great day of racing in Bozeman!

We also are looking for volunteers to help out with the race.  If you have a family member or friend racing, why not help out and get a chance to experience the race yourself.  Volunteers will get a free s-shirt (they are very cool this year!), food, and our sincere appreciation.  Click the Volunteer Now! link below to pick your spot.

See you in June!

49 Slots Remain for 2013!

With about four and a half weeks to go until the starting gun we are down to forty-nine open spots for the 2013 Bozeman Tritons Triathlon!  This puts us right about on track with last year, so we fully expect to hit our cap of 250 racers again this year!  Don’t miss out and sign up now!  And check out the latest Psyche Sheet below to see who your competition is!

Psyche Sheet May 21, 2013

A quick course update for the Sprint racers.  In order to reduce the congestion on Manley Road and make for a safer, more enjoyable, and spectator-friendly race, we have modified the Sprint run course.  We will no longer be running on Manley Road, and instead doing 2 laps around the trail system and lake at the East Gallatin Recreation area.  This amazingly works out to a perfect 5K!  And it is 100% on trails!  We are excited about the change and feel that it will make for better racing.  Check up the updated maps.

One final note.  We should have the 2013 racers guide posted soon.  Very little has changed from the 2011 guide, with the exception of the Sprint run.  Stay tuned for more updates.