February Update

It’s been a strange winter here in the Bozone. We’ve been cross country skiing in town for almost three months, but I’ve been seeing folks out on their road bikes for the past month. The mountains have around a normal snow pack, but I think most of it came in two storms.

So what does this have to do with the 2013 Tritons Triathlon? Nothing really, other than it gives us a chance to send out a race update. Registrations are coming in steadily and we are hearing from folks around town that they are planning on racing. So don’t forget that there is a 250 racer limit on the race again this year. Last year we hit the cap and expect to do the same this year. Don’t miss out.

I took a drive last weekend out on the bike course and can attest that it is rideable the entire way. Here’s a shot of the high point at Battle Ridge. Only a couple of wet patches and some sand on the shoulders. I half expected to see someone pulling up the hill out of the saddle and in low gear!


And another shot of the east side of the Bridgers, taken from out near the bike turn around.  With the earlier race date, there should still be a bit of snow on the Bridger Mountains!