Registration Closing Monday 9PM MST

Hi all!  We are officially full for this year’s race, but I am going to leave registration open until 9PM Mountain Time this evening, Monday, July 23.  We do have a little extra space in the racks and there are always a few folks who don’t show up on race day.

So here’s your last chance to get in on this year’s race!  All the pieces are in place.  The weather looks warm and dry for race day, but not too hot.

See you all on Sunday!


Who will be the Final 15?

Two weeks out and it’s getting tight!  Only 15 spots left for the 2012 Bozeman Tritons Triathlon!

I just picked up two huge boxes of goodies from REI!  I might have to buy some tickets this  year, if the committee OKs it!  We have 35 brand new bike racks that we are sharing between several races here in Montana.  With 250 bikes to fit in, that doesn’t leave a lot of extra space in the TA.  Plan ahead and keep your gear to a minimum on race day.


2012 Athlete’s Guide

Greetings racers!  The 2012 Athlete’s guide is now available for download!

 2012 BTT Athletes Guide

We will do our best to mark the course, but remember, it is your responsibility to know the course and race within your skills.  Keep it safe out there, but have fun and race hard!  Please direct any questions to the race director, Tony, at

Every athlete will receive an entry into the raffle.  Additional tickets will be available for purchase.  We will be pulling tickets throughout the day and posting the winners on the raffle board.  Check and see if you have won any of the great prizes from REI and our other sponsors.  Some of the bigger ticket items will be raffled off during the awards ceremonies and you must be present to win those items.  We have a ton of stuff this year including: camp chairs, soft coolers, hydration packs, socks, espresso presses.  Don’t miss out!

Oh, and there are 20 spots left for those of you sitting on the fence!  Let’s fill this race up!

25 Spots Left for 2012!!!

I just checked our numbers and we are down to 25 spots left for the 2012 Bozeman Tritons Triathlon!  A dozen registrations in the past three days.  Don’t miss your chance for this year’s race and share the joy!



25 Days and Counting!

Hi all!  25 days and counting and we are firing on all cylinders here at Bozeman Race Central!  Summer is definitely upon us with hot days and blue skies.

Registrations are really picking up the last couple of days.  At last count, we have about 35 slots left in the race before capping out at 250.  Already today I have received three new registrations, and last year there were about 60 registrations for the Sprint in the three weeks before race day.  So sign up soon so you don’t miss your spot!

For those of you concerned about the heat and wild fires, so far they are not an issue.  The few local fires seem to be under control and the air quality is currently excellent.  As with last year’s race, the aid stations will be loaded with cold liquids, ice, wet towels, and nutrition to get you through the course.  Water temperature on Sunday had jumped to 73 degrees!  We saw at least half a dozen folks out doing open water swims in prep for the race.  There were even a couple of tri-bikes on cars in the lot, so folks are gearing up (or down as the case may be for the hilly long course bike) and getting some training in.

The Athlete’s Guide will be coming out this week, so keep an eye out for it on this site, and in your email if you are already registered.  There will be separate but adjacent Transition Areas for the Long Course and Sprint races to avoid any conflicts in the TA.  Make sure you rack up in the correct area.  Rack space is tight, so make sure you are getting 8 bikes per rack!

A reminder that a valid ID and proof of current USAT license (for those who did not pay for a 1-day license) is required at packet pickup!  No ID, no packet!  No proof of current USAT license and you must purchase a 1-day license.  No exceptions!

See you all in a few weeks!