5 Days Left for Early Registration!

Five days and counting for early registration!  A lot of folks have been taking advantage of the reduced fees.  The ladies are outpacing the men 7 to 1 on the Sprint.  The Long Course is almost even for men and women, with the guys in a slight lead!


Early Registration Ends on March 31

Twelve days and counting for early registration!  Don’t miss your chance to save a few bucks.  We may have received ten inches of snow in Bozeman yesterday, but many of us have already been out on the roads getting ready for the 2012 racing season.

Go ahead!  Jump in!  Sign up!  Save a few bucks!

See you in July!



Three Weeks Left for Early Registration

Greetings triathletes!

A quick reminder from the Bozeman Tritons Triathlon race crew that early registration for the sprint and long course triathlons closes on Mach 31.  Sign up now and save a few bucks.  Registrations have been strong so far, but don’t forget we have a cap of 250 racers!  A couple of tidbits:

  • The gals are outpacing the guys almost 4-to-1 so far!
  • The Junior’s race is looking strong with folks from three states!

The pond may still be a little chilly right now, but many of us were out enjoying the spring-like weather on our road bikes.  Come join the fun!


Saturday, March 10, 2012. The ice is getting thin!